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Tile Adhesive
Tile adhesive, available in powder or liquid form and typically gray or white, exemplified by Fosroc Patchroc Powder and Conbextra Tie Rod Grout, offers high purity and fast-setting properties. It's ideal for swift repairs on concrete floors and pavements, boasting strong bonding capabilities and durability for lasting results.
Nitobond Chemical
Nitobond Chemical, known as Nitobond SBR Latex, is a durable liquid compound used for modifying bonding in toppings, renderings, and mortars. It's ideal for repairing worn concrete, large cracks, and waterproofing masonry surfaces. Its versatile application includes polymer modification, screeds, and waterproof plasters, ensuring lasting and reliable results.
Admixture Chemical
Admixture Chemical, such as Conplast SP 430 G8, available in liquid or powder form, is a high-performance superplasticizing mixture. It's utilized to produce pumpable concrete, high-strength grades (M30 & above), and highly workable concrete, resulting in low permeability and high early strength. It's available in brown or white.
Waterproofing Chemical
Waterproofing Chemicals like Brush Bond, Nitobond SBR Latex, and Brushbond RFX Acrylic Polymer, available in powder form, offer high-purity solutions for construction. They provide seamless, waterproof coatings ideal for water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, and roofs, ensuring water tightness and durability in industrial-grade applications.
Construction Chemical
Construction Chemicals like Nitobond AR Std or Renderoc Hs Extra, available in liquid or powder form, are industrial-grade solutions with 40% purity. They come in white, grey, or other colors, serving diverse construction needs such as bonding, repair, and protection, ensuring reliability and durability in various applications.
Industrial Flooring Chemical
Industrial Flooring Chemicals like NITOFLOOR SL 1000, available in liquid or powder form, offer durability and versatility. With an HS code of 38244090, they provide dense, impervious surfaces in any color, ideal for industrial environments. They ensure chemical resistance, hygiene, and easy maintenance, offering long-lasting solutions for various industrial flooring needs.
Shuttering Oil
Industrial Shuttering Oil, typically in liquid form with 99% purity, is durable and used as a release agent in construction. It's applied to formwork surfaces before concrete pouring, preventing adhesion and facilitating easy demolding. This oil ensures smooth, seamless construction processes and prolongs the lifespan of formwork.
Concrete Admixture
Concrete Admixture, in liquid form, enhances water content effectiveness in concrete mixes, reducing permeability and water penetration. Higher dosages improve durability and strength while reducing water demand. It's crucial for achieving desired concrete properties like workability and durability, contributing to long-lasting and high-quality construction projects.
Construction Products
Construction Products, such as general-purpose epoxy bonding agents, come in liquid or powder form with 99% purity. They're essential for bonding old and new cementitious substrates, ensuring strong adhesion and structural integrity in construction projects. These products offer versatility and reliability, enhancing the quality and durability of bonded surfaces.
Grouts, typically in powder form, provide stain-free, chemical-resistant, and hard-wearing tile joints. They're used in various settings including bathrooms, fountains, swimming pools, factories, hospitals, and residential buildings. Their attributes include excellent durability, resistance to stains and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing tiled surfaces.
Rust Remover
Rust Remover, known as Reebaklens RR, is a durable liquid chemical with 99% purity. Its application involves removing rust from steel bars before concrete encasing or microconcrete application. It's also suitable for other steel surfaces before epoxy coating. Classified under HS code 38244090, it ensures effective rust removal and surface preparation.
Bonding Adhesive
Bonding Adhesive, or Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP, is a high-purity liquid adhesive mainly used as a textile auxiliary agent. With coverage ranging from 20 to 22 sq ft/kg, it exhibits a pot life of 30 to 45 minutes at 30°C. Its exceptional flexural strength surpasses 9 N/mm², ensuring reliable adhesion in various applications.

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